World Food Day - Food Fiesta - Pre-Primary

Pre- Primary section


An exciting online program on food and its importance was organised by pre-primary for our little ones
to add on to the happenings of World Food Day on 21st October 2020.

The program had different creative activities for children and mothers. To achieve this on the virtual
platform was a little challenging but the BREAKOUT room option worked wonders. Each teacher was
assigned a breakout room to conduct their task.

Master chef -Mothers were given tasks to make a recipe using specific ingredients and the child had to
draw any 1 ingredient.

Pick Trick And Draw- Children had to draw fruits and vegetables related to the fruit and vegetable they
saw on the screen.
Super Heroes- Mothers had to identify the food hero and the child had to draw the work done by that
food hero.
Joyful Sorrow- The children had to make the weeping onion happy, with their innocent ideas, talks and
The King's Court- The children had to talk about the fruit he/she had been assigned, by justifying
who is fit to be crowned as the king of fruits.
Crack The Code- The children had to solve the fruit puzzle, the mothers had to decode the fruit into a
word besides making a slogan and a poster.
Healthy Vs Unhealthy - The children had to choose a letter and draw both healthy and unhealthy food
beginning with that particular letter.

After entering the main room, the children had to talk about their activities that they did in their
particular break out room.

Food Carving- The program ended with a final activity where the mothers and children had to do fruit
carving according to the image shown. They had to prepare 2 plates- 1 for their family and 1 for their
The objective of this program was to inculcate good food habits in the children i.e., avoid food wastage,
eat healthy food, share food with the needy, minimal wastage while making something and showing
respect to our food heroes be it a farmer, our mother and our father.

Today in this era of Mufaddal Moula (TUS), we are blessed with Faizul Mawaid Burhaniyah and the
children at a very tender age have all the above mentioned objectives moulded inside them.

Event Video