World Food Day - Poster making Contest

To mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of FAO, a poster making competition was organized for the students across the globe for World Food Day which is celebrated every year on 16th of October. The artistic students of MSB Bangalore also participated enthusiastically in this event. The theme for the competition was ‘Your Favourite Food Hero at work’.

The HSB (MSB alumni) conducted a workshop and explained all the details and the theme to our students to help them participate effectively in this global event. The competition was divided into following age groups: 

  • 5 - 8 years,

  • 9-12 years and 

  • 13-15 years.

The students came up with their best creativity to show their concern and gratitude to the Food Heroes, and thus became quite difficult to choose the best. However, 3 winners from each category were selected and their posters were uploaded on the FAO website.

Event Video