World Food Day - Terrace Gardening Talk

As a part of our celebration of WORLD FOOD DAY, a talk show was organized on October 12 2020. A resource person was invited virtually to address our students on a very important and interesting topic “TERRACE GARDENING”.

Our guest speaker of the day was Dr Rajendra Hegde, is the Co-founder BRICS LLP, Bangalore Trustee, Garden City Farmers, Bengaluru.

He spoke about the importance of terrace gardening and its benefits, containers required for practicing it. A very simple but definite step towards increasing our green cover and is a more sustainable option for our food needs, irrespective of space restrictions.

 He also stressed that growing your own food is the first priority and all urbanites specially the student community should understand the process and implement it. Urban farming has a far-reaching impact. Its principle is “Grow what you eat and eat what you grow”.

     It is therefore time for each one of us to instigate the innovative gene within us and be a part of the “Oota from your Thota” (food from your garden) movement.