World Food Week

Students of MSB Bangalore participated in numerous activities to show their support for the UN designated World Food Day which falls on the 16th of October.

Adhering to a call by Sayedna Ali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS to spread awareness on achieving Zero Hunger and Avoiding food wastage, students spread their messages through the following activites:

1. A poster making event highlighting the key concepts and goals of this event.
2. A rally through downtown Bangalore alongwith prominent members from inside and outside the community.
People from different walks of life were seen cheering and encouraging the students  supporting  drive 
3. Setting up and contributing towards a Food bank whose proceeds would be distributed to the needy.
4. Taking a personal pledge not to be wasteful in their consumption and to help those in need.
5. Distributing the FMB thaalis early in the morning to community members.
6. A highly informative and interactive talk by Nutritionist Dr Shehrebanu who enlightened students on healthy food choices.
7. A Salad making competition where students across grades came together to prepare scrumptious yet healthy Salads which are known to be an important part of the diet.

MSB Bangalore aims to holistically develop its students so that they turn out to be Global citizens, academically informed yet morally bound through a value based educational system.

We thank our parents for their immense support.

Event Video