World Read Aloud Day

Event: World Read Aloud Day

Date: 3rd February 2021

Class: Nursery - X

Platform: Zoom/google meet

Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building their knowledge and skills, and this is eventually required for learning to read.

As it’s rightly said

“If you want kids to want to read then read amazing books aloud every single day”.

Reading aloud even increases the bonding between the teacher, the child and the books. Hence forth MSB celebrated this day with fun to make reading engrossing interesting and engaging for the kids.


The show started with their all-time favourite Puppet Show put up by the teachers “Elephant’s Hiccups”. 

The puppet show was conducted by our resource person Mrs. Tasneem behen Unjawala Speech and Drama instructor and storyteller. She has been working for past 20yrs in the field of theatre and education and is affiliated with Trinity College London, Currently working as an elocution teacher with MSB Chennai, she took the program to a different level by captivating our audience in story “Zappy the Zebra” her amazing narration added joy on the little faces and was a desirable addition to the read aloud program.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their Parents”

Therefore the program was concluded with parents reading a Story book aloud to the children.



Each class invited a guest reader who read a story to the class for 5-7 mins, after which a lively discussion with the students was conducted. Lastly the students were given an opportunity to read a page from the story.

Class I invited Mrs Mubaraka  Rampurawala.

Class II invited Mrs Farida Hararwala.

Class III invited Mrs Zahabiya Kamus.

Class IV invited MR Zuzer Talib.

Students thoroughly enjoyed all the stories and the lively and fun filled discussion on the stories.

The icing on the cake was them getting a chance to read a page from the story.



The read aloud session was conducted by Farida Ben Shk Murtaza Bhai Ghadiali, an avid reader herself, Muntasebaat ul Jamea, a Hafizah and running a nursery “Nehlat” and a book club too. 

The session started with a small quiz on well known quotes from the most read books. 

She interacted with the children, giving them insights to what to read, where to read, talked about the authors. 

A loud reading session was conducted on a children’s book ‘The Dot’. It was an interesting and captivating session. 

The session was concluded with a takeaway as we should read and read but should be watchful of what we are reading. 

Event Video