Young Authors programme

The Young Authors is an ambitious and innovative project introduced by Idarah to encourage creative writers and publish their work thus bringing them national as well international recognition.


Writing is an essential skill for a 21st - century learner. This project aims at enhancing the creative thoughts and problem-solving skills of our young writers, it also aids in boosting their confidence and providing discipline which is needed to succeed in all areas of their life.

Five students from MSB Bangalore

  1. Nafisa Kamus from class 7
  2. Insiyah Najmi from class 8
  3. Yusuf Shakir from class 8
  4. Taher Bharmal from class 8
  5. Ammar Siamwala from class 9

are participating in this programme which was flagged off on 10th July.


This eighteen months programme comprises monthly interactive sessions followed by creative assignments, which would help the young writers to understand the various forms of literature. They will get an opportunity to analyse the works of different writers, explore the elements of writing, venture into and explore different tools which will assist them in understanding the nuances of writing and later aid them in articulating their thoughts and ideas to produce a book of their own.

The Idarah in collaboration with STORY MIRROR INFOTECH PRIVATE LTD will publish the work of our young writers.

This programme promises to lay the foundation for our young writers to understand teamwork, leadership skills, communication and cultural awareness.


MSB Educational Institute always strives in providing opportunities to our students to develop and present  their skills on a global level.