Zakereen training workshop

Ashara Mubarakah 1442 – Ohbat Activities

MSB Bangalore

Al Madrasatus Saifiyatul Burhaniyyah - MSB Bangalore conducted the first of its planned series of Zakereen training workshops on the 1st of August 2020 ( 12mi Zil Hijjatil Haraam 1442 H ).

This online workshop was attended by more than 90 students from classes 5 to 10 and the duration of the program was for one hour.

The workshop was hosted by Zakir e Husain Juzer bhai Rangwala of Bangalore.

The topics deliberated upon included: -

  1.  The Greatness and Importance of Zikre Husain in the life of a Mumin.
  2. The importance of pure intention which is a pre requisite for Zikre Husain.
  3. Every Mumin, every student is capable of performing Zikre Husain to the best of his/her ability.
  4. The preparation required to train one’s voice and to maintain it before, during and after Zikre Husain.
  5. The devotion and practice required to maintain and perfect one’s voice.
  6. A question and answer session to cater to student queries on the aforementioned topics.

MSB Bangalore aims to increase the eagerness and interest of its students in the field of Zikre Husain and furthermore create a large pool of Zakereen from its students who will partake the sharaf of reciting in Majalis in the various mohallas of Bangalore.

May Allah grant our beloved Aqa Maula tus a long and healthy life till the Day of Qiyamah.  Ameen.