Zonal Level Sports Achievement for High School

Zonal Level Sports Meet for High School

MSB students of Std IX and X participated in the High School Zonal level Sports Meet organised on 23rd August and made us proud when they came back victorious with a bagful of Medals.

Overall, they won 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in the following categories.

*Taher Kapadia - 100mtrs - Gold medal*
                            Long jump - Gold medal*
                 4* 100 m Relay - Bronze medal*

*Murtaza Seharwala - Shot put- Gold medal*
                            Hammer throw - Gold medal*

*Murtaza Kanchwala - Discus throw- Silver medal*

*Burhanuddin Khumusi- Discus throw- Bronze medal*

*Ibrahim Hakimji - 400mtrs - Bronze medal*



Event Video