• WIMUN Geneva

    The REAL UN Experience
    One student Umaima Sh.Mufaddal bhai Fakhri and one teacher HOD of Mathematics, Mrs. Rashida Kanchwala from MSB Bangalore will be attending

  • Ist Term Examination

    First Term Examination starts from 16th Oct - 31st Oct 

  • Sneak Peek ( August & September)

    A Sneak Peek  into the happenings at MSB Bangalore ( August & September )


    This Independence Day students took a pledge to keep India green, clean and safe. They celebrated with patriotic fervour.

  • District  Level  Sports Competition.

    VENUE: U.C.P.E Stadium Bangalore University


  • Hindi Diwas

    OBJECTIVE- हिंदी भाषा को बढ़ावा देना  और उसे बोलने में हमें गर्व महसूस करने पर प्रोत्साहित करना  

  • Fire Safety Awareness Activity

     Event: Fire Safety Awareness Activity (Karnataka Fire Department)

  • Prathiba karanji

    Event: Prathiba karanji  

  • Zonal Level Sports Achievement for High School

    Zonal Level Sports Meet for High School

    MSB students of Std IX and X participated in the High School Zonal level Sports Meet organised on 23rd August and made us proud when they came back victorious with a bagful of Medals.

  • Art Fest

    Section: Primary and Secondary (Std I to X)

  • HMUN India 15-18 Aug

    MSB Bangalore had the opportunity of taking part in the ninth session of Harvard Model United Nations, India 2019 at Hyderabad from 15th - 18th August.

  • Independence Day Celebration at MSB Bangalore

    MSB Educational Institute Bangalore celebrated the 73rd Independence day of India with unprecedented patriotic fervour on the 15th of August 2019. 


  • Puddle Play for Pre-primary

    Concept: Rain

    Activity: Puddle Play (Wiggle in puddle)

  • Ohbat Majlis

    Students from MSB Bangalore eagerly participated in all the events that were part of the two-month-long Ohbatul Asharatil Mubarakah activities held worldwide.

  • Freeplay for Nursery

    Developing Gross Motor Skills


  • Presentation on Dengue

    MSB Educational Institute is concerned about the health of the students

  • FA 1 Time Table

    FA 1 Time Table for classes V to IX

  • Skit by Std V - Rainforest Adventure

    Rainforest Adventure-

  • Fireless Cuisine

    EVENT: ‘Fireless Cuisine’ organized by Primary Section

  • Field trip to Lalbagh for Preprimary

    Concept: Trees and Plants

    Activity field trip to Lalbagh

  • Orientation Programme 2019-20

    MSB  Orientation programme for Parents

  • Role Play Activity for Std VI

    Vocation Poem by Rabindranath Tagore highlights a child’s inner wish towards an ever-changing aspiration of becoming those he sees around him.

    Here children of Class VI, present –“What they wish to become in the future?”


  • MSB MUN 2019-20

    Model United Nations is a fantastic student-run simulation of the United Nations for High School age students. Students take on the roles of ambassadors in the different UN committees and assemblies.

  • Students excelled in Olympiad Exams

    The participation in external examination develops the overall confidence and competitive spirit of students.

  • PTM (Parent - Teacher Meeting)

    The beginning of the academic session is the time for the parents to think of their children’s new classes, syllabus, text books, evaluation pattern, roles and responsibilities of the children and parents and many other related matters.

  • Wiz National Spell Bee

    Spell bee competition conducted by WIZ NATIONAL SPELL BEE

  • Yoga Day Celebration

    In concurrence with the International Yoga Day celebration, Times, News In Education and Times Foundation had organised a Yoga session at MSB Bangalore. An Instructor from the Akshar Yoga Foundation conducted the session for the students.

  • Investiture Ceremony 2019-20

    The Investiture Ceremony for the Academic year 2019-20 was held on 21st June 2019 in the school.

  • First Day of Academic Year 2019-20

    The 10th June 2019 marked the first day of the academic year 2019-20. It was a feast to look at the cheerful faces of our dear students. They were seen excitedly greeting their friends and teachers after a long vacation.

  • Jim Corbett Nainital Trip

    This invigorating journey  started on 22nd April Monday which was airborne towards Delhi .

  • Incredible India - Stage Show

    There is one place on the face of the Earth or under the sky where all the dreams of living men have found a home …where nationalistic fervor have bought unity in diversity and its none other than our Incredible India.

  • English Elocution

    The Primary Section conducted the English Elocution for Classes 1 to 4, on 6th March, 2019.

  • Aqa Maula (TUS) Tashreef Awri

    It was a dream come true for all the Banglorians to witness Aali Qadr Muffaddal Moula (TUS) in our Garden City. Each and each and every mumin has lived this dream to the brim for 13 days, gaining Barakaat and Saadaat in loads and tons.

  • 7th International Athletic meet

    'We never lose, either we win or we learn', with this thought in mind MSB Bangalore geared up to show their mettle in the 7th MSB International Athletic Meet, in Banswara.