About Us

Al Madrasa Tus Saifiyah Tul Burhaniyah Bangalore was established in the year 1987 with the Raza Mubarak of 52nd Al Dai Al Mutlaq  Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A. and is flourishing today under the shelter of  Al Dai Mutlaq Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin T.U.S.

The school is situated in C K Palya, Bannerghatta Road in a green and eco-friendly environment with sprawling green landscape which is a visual delight for all, added to this verdant greenery is a lake which is a real treat for our young learners.  The main building based on the Fatemi architecture is well ventilated with safe and hygienic indoors and outdoors. 

We follow ICSE syllabus which is enriching, engaging and challenging for our students. We value individual differences, creativity and innovation which enhances child-centric learning. We have been successfully preparing the students to face the board exams producing 100% results continuously. In a technology prevalent world, to cater to our inquisitive and enthusiastic students, we strongly follow new trends in education, such as Whole Brain Teaching and Multiple Intelligence Methodology.  A continuous improvement in teaching learning happens through measurable outcomes.

The school encourages the students to actively take part in core, co-curricular and sports activities for their holistic development. The school feels proud to have produced eminent doctors, engineers, dynamic businessmen, etc.

The school is equipped with a  full-fledged Computer Lab with latest technologies. School strives to provide a safe and secure environment with the provision of CCTV surveillance. There is a strong ethos of parental involvement and open communication between the school and the home. 

MSB Educational Institute, Bangalore is striving hard and progressing in the right way to reach the pinnacle of excellence. The school has grown to such stature that it is at par with any of the standard schools in the city today. Moreover it is an oasis of Deeni Tarbiyat and Fatemi Ethos.